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Monday, September 15, 2008

Untangling Deception Spell

Color of the day: Lavender
Incense of the day: Narcissus

Today is mystery writer Agatha Christie’s birthday (1890–1976). The Full Moon is a perfect time to seek clarity and untangle deception, either from others or from ourselves. Gather together a clear glass bowl or a silver metal bowl and ten yards or more of yarn in the color of your choice. Under the Full Moon, preferably outdoors, cast a circle and create sacred space in your preferred manner. Tangle—but don’t knot—the yarn, while chanting, “In my life I perceive deception, tangled up and clouding perception.” When the yarn is tangled but not knotted, place it in the bowl. With a deep breath, hold the bowl up to the Full Moon and ask, “O Mother Goddess, bright one. Illuminate my perception and bring me clarity.” When you feel she’s filled your bowl with her clear wisdom, lower it. Slowly remove the yarn by pulling one end and ensuring that it is removed as a single strand. Open your heart and mind to hear the wisdom that will come as you unwind the yarn. Thank the Moon goddess and close your circle as you are accustomed. Place the yarn on your altar for one Moon cycle and then burn it or bury it.

By: Gail Wood

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