Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three Simple Love Charms

Herbal, Onion and Candle Spells for Love

Most people either want to bring love into their lives or improve the relationship that they already have. These simple love spells will help you to do just that.

These three spells all require little time and effort. They are quick to perform yet powerful.

Herbal Love Spell

The first is an herbal love spell. Based on the target, you choose an herb that represents their zodiac sign.

Chicory for Pisces
Rosemary for Aries
Spearmint for Taurus
Anise for Gemini
Tarragon for Cancer
Peppermint for Leo
Catnip for Virgo
Cayenne for Libra
Aloe for Scorpio
Sage for Sagittarius
Comfrey for Capricorn
Chilies for Aquarius

Take the herb that corresponds to the one you love, add the petals of a white rose (symbol for love) place it in a cloth bag and keep it under your pillow. Every night before you go to bed say: "Even in my time of sleep, my true love I vow to keep". When you feel that the one you desire has been brought closer to you, burn the herbs and rose. While they burn think of the flames of passion.

Onion Spell for Love

This second love spell involves an onion, a new pot and dirt. You have to use dirt from the ground, not potting soil for this one. Simply write the name of the one you desire on the bottom of an onion bulb, plant it in a new pot with the dirt. Place the pot on a windowsill, one facing the direction in which your intended one lives works best. Repeat the name of the one you desire over it every morning and every night until it begins to bloom. After it begins to bloom say the following over it every day for a week: "As it's roots grow, As it's leaves grow, as it's flowers grow, so does (insert name) love grow. You should notice a difference within a full moon cycle.

Candle Love Spell

This last one is a quick candle spell for attracting love and passion into your life. This is also useful for a relationship that seems to need a boost in the romance department. Get a red candle that is only red on the outside but the wax is white on the inside (most inexpensive candles are only colored on the outside) Place it in a dish. Take the petals of one red and one white rose and place them in the dish, surrounding the candle. Burn the candle for 10 minutes a night, starting the night of the full moon, if you can wait that long. As the candle burns, Chant: "As our love glows in this candlelight, We grow closer on this night" Do this every night for 10 straight nights.It will have worked by then.

By Alexandra Romanov

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