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Thursday, September 11, 2008

These Hills Have History

On a farm between Cappawhite and Doon, Tom Coffey discovered on eof the most sacred sites in Ireland. He tells Aine Fitzgerald what makes Carnahalla Heritage Centre so unique.

IN the late 1990's while driving stakes on land he inherited from his uncles, the Kilbrides, Tom Coffey heard a most uncommon resonating sound. It puzzled him. He investigated further.

Using history books and talking with archaeologists, he found that in all likelihood these unusual resonating sounds were from an old form of loud speaker built for the ceremonies and inaugurations. They were created by passageways underneath the earth.

The quiet, almost haunting archaeological landscape exhibits evidence of settlement stretching back possibly from 6000 years to more modern history.

"First of all," Tom explains, "if you walk through the site, the entire landscape is alive – the hill twists right around, there are scared groves or shrines. In early times the land was usually represented by a Goddess - in this case Tea whose shape was clear to see in the rise of the hills - you have that all here- the central hill is Sheela na Gig shaped". Click here for the full story

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