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Monday, September 15, 2008

Technopaganism, Where the New Meets the Old

While I was at Pagan Unity Days in Charleston, SC, a few folks who attended my presentation asked me to provide a transcript of everything we talked about, so they would have some of the online sources we discussed. For those of you who were there (and those who weren't!), here's a rough transcript of my session on Technopaganism - Using New Technology to Study Old Religions. Links are included within the text.

While we're on the topic, though, it's a good time to bring this up. Although inherently Pagan paths are typically nature-based religions, many of us find we can blend our spirituality with modern technology. It's a way of using both science and religion together, walking with one foot in both worlds, rather than choosing one to the exclusion of the other. So here's the question -- how many of you have found a way to blend science or technology with your spiritual beliefs? Ever used a cell phone in a communication spell? Ever smash a floppy disk to bits with a sledgehammer as part of a banishing ritual? Chime in, down in the comments section, and share your ideas!

By Patti Wigington

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