Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Misty Protection Charm

Color of the day: Black
Incense of the day: Cedar

Celtic myths and folktales are full of stories about the power of mist. Those who are about to undergo an otherworld encounter often find themselves in an open landscape, suddenly surrounded by a magical mist. When the mist parts, they are in an unknown land, and frequently have interactions with gods or the spirits of the Sidhe (or fairy folk). Interestingly, the Gaelic word for mist, ceò, also means “amazement.” If you find yourself in a misty landscape, use this charm to encourage and intensify a positive spiritual experience with the spirits who dwell in the mist:

Spirits of mist, spirits of dew,
I open my heart
And soul to you.
Gods of mist, gods of rain,
I walk along
This path again.
Those who dwell
Within this place
I honor you
And ask for peace.

Gods and spirits of the mist,
May this encounter
Be truly blessed.

By: Sharynne NicMhacha

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