Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Halloween Is Harmless Holiday; Lighten Up On Vacation

Q: I do not like the implications of Halloween, but my husband does, so we allow the kids to dress up as fun/positive characters. Our son is now 7 and is asking to go to the local haunted house. My husband thinks this is OK, but I would like to keep the negative aspects of Halloween out of the picture as much as possible. What say you?

A: Halloween may have its roots in ancient pagan rituals, but then so does the Christmas tree and the Maypole. Speaking as an evangelical Christian, I think the brouhaha over Halloween is much ado about nothing, as is the brouhaha over the Harry Potter books. I do believe there's evil afoot in the world, but the notion that Halloween somehow lures children to the Dark Side is more than a tad over the top. Click here for the full story

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Anonymous Mystic1 said...

I do believe halloween is a harmless holiday, although it has Pagan roots most people today just use halloween as a chance for kids to have fun, which is great, but it would also be good if children did learn more about the meaning of this special day :)

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Alaric Dahmer said...

maybe your just over reacting halloween is just a celebration, no need to worry about those negative energies... especially if your a psychic vampyre

3:58 AM  

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