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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Witchy' Woman (TV Movie Review)

What did you expect from Hallmark - "Macbeth"?

No old crones with warts on their noses and high, conical hats on their heads are seen stirring the contents of great cauldrons in this new TV movie titled "The Good Witch" about a young, beautiful, witchy woman who moves to a small town named Middleton to take up residence in the village's most mysterious house.

She might be a witch, or she might be some kind of magician. But, more likely, she's just more New Age-y than anyone else in this narrow-minded and somewhat mean-spirited little burg - which means some of the local watchdogs don't take kindly to her presence, or her new shop on Main Street, where she sells herbs and potions that strike them as strange. Full Story

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