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Monday, January 21, 2008

Wicca: Mortal And Immortal Consequences

A news article within the last week reported that two children were slain when a spell that was cast, went wrong. Whether you believe this or not, there is certainly a group or organization devoted to witchcraft, and their adherents seem to be on the rise.

The origins of Wicca come from Gerald Gardner, a retired British civil servant. It is widely believed than Wicca theology started around the 1920’s. It seems as though Wicca is a variety of witchcraft founded on religious and magical concepts.

In the United States Wicca has been given a legal imprimatur as a religion, though many question this description. The various traditions of Wicca are part of the new-pagan group of earth-based religions.

But benign is not a good description of Wicca. Their attacks on any form of Christianity seem to be a must. They insist on the equality of men and women and accept any sexual orientation, and possibly species variation. It’s amazing how gender equality has always been a mainstay of any Christianity, but Wicca plays up perceived differences. A Wicca can allegedly cast any ‘love’ spell at will. Full Story

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