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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Witch Fined $249 For Disturbance

A self-avowed practicing witch was ordered to pay $249 Monday for creating a disturbance in August while listening to music beside a bonfire in her yard.

Brenna Kee Ravyn Moon Fyre was convicted after two criminal charges filed by prosecutors were reduced to a county ordinance violation. Her arrest and the case, according to her attorney, resulted from a misunderstanding by neighbors who incorrectly assumed that she was casting spells beside the bonfire when she actually was singing along with heavy metal music on her iPod.

"She was singing along to the music so, perhaps, in that sense she was creating a disturbance," defense attorney Julius Kim said. "But the fact that she is a witch had nothing to do with what she was doing that night. Full Story

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much of this story in this report is true?

12:59 AM  

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