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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Real Witches Don't Ride Brooms

About a fifth of the people who wander into Practical Magick are just curious.

The other 80 percent are "hard-core into Wicca," said Mark Eadicicco, owner of the Port Richmond store that caters to pagans and others with an interest in alternative spirituality.

His clients at the store decorated to look like a Victorian cottage are lawyers, nurses and other professionals -- many of whom keep quiet about their witchcraft because it is ofen misconstrued as devil worship.

"We don't have a Satan or any kind of evil deity in our structure," said the Westerleigh resident. "We have a god and a goddess. We do not practice animal sacrifice. We're not Gothic. We're not green and we don't ride on broomsticks. We're not just people on the off-beat side." Full Story

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