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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Local Businesswoman Opens Witch-Themed Store At The Bayshore Mall

A new store has opened at the Bayshore Mall just in time for Halloween — The Good Witch, located next door to Borders, and it carries an eclectic assortment of witch-related merchandise, most of which is manufactured in Fortuna.

Though the timing of its debut might imply the store carries children’s costumes, The Good Witch actually specializes in items oriented toward people interested in the Wiccan religion and New Age movement.

Handmade brooms, cloaks and wizard staffs made in Thailand complement the locally made items: spell and ritual kits, sage wands, alignment cards, quill and ink sets, and more.

Owner Zera Starchild said she wanted to open a business focusing on “good magic.” Full Story

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant believe it. When I read Bayshore Mall, the only one I know of is in Eureka and when I went to the full story sure enough!
I wish them all the luck !

8:26 PM  

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