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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It’s All In The Cards

When I first entered Sacred Source at 73 Brock St. the scent of eucalyptus was the first noticeable aroma. Filled with spiritual books and figurines, the store created a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

Entering a small room slightly to the side of this new age store, I was about to experience my first tarot card reading. Sitting across from me was Kellye Crockett, a tarot card reader at the Sacred Source. Across a black table lay 10 cards in a specific layout.

“Very interesting,” Crockett said, after a dramatic pause.

Having drawn an implausible amount of threes from the deck, Crockett explained the majority of my cards were unusually well drawn.

Unfortunately for me, these lucky threes were soon followed by a card depicting a dead man wallowing in a pool of blood and resting uncomfortably on top of 10 rather sharp swords—the card called the X of swords. Crockett said this card represents challenge, but my challenges were over and so, for me, this would signal a new phase.

A tarot reading like the one I went to is not an uncommon phenomenon in Kingston if Crockett’s full appointment book is any indication. Full Story

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