Saturday, January 27, 2007

Green Man Lives!

It is the time of year to sit back and get lost in the non-technical side of gardening – the lore.

The King in garden lore is without question, “The Green Man.” There is a good chance you have a plaque, statue or ornament in or around your own garden, which is representative of this fellow of the foliage. Our first acquaintance with him is a European one of over 5,000 years ago. Neolithic art portrays this male face being thrust forth amongst a wreath of mixed vegetation. On closer inspection, we see his hair, beard, mustache and eyebrows are simply extensions of the wreath.

The same powerful face repeats itself throughout history. It is not a menacing face, but there is always a wildness to the eyes and a secret mockery behind the expression. (Reminding us that man is helpless against nature’s power?)

Who is the Green Man, this man who is inextricably linked with the power of nature? Full Story

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