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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holiday Celebrations Are Often A Personal Choice

"Happy Holidays" is rapidly taking over as the most socially accepted form of holiday well-wishing, as opposed to the less politically correct "Merry Christmas."

The fall season, home of the chilly breeze, color-changing leaves and hot cider, is also the home of holidays. While Halloween and Thanksgiving are widely celebrated and rarely contested, December's holiday is often perceived as a point of contention, in both the secular and spiritual communities.

This may not be completely true, though. In Lincoln, tolerance and acceptance of individual beliefs, along with a general sense of joy for the season itself, may be bridging the gap between various religions and secular holiday traditions.

Jan Deeds, the director of the Women's Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is a Celtic Wiccan. Wiccans believe in the power and beauty of nature. Their beliefs are rooted in a pre-Christian tradition.

"Many Christian traditions are rooted in pagan traditions," Deeds said. Full Story

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