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Monday, December 11, 2006

Father Fears Wife's Wiccan Ways

A young girl taken by her Wiccan mother for the Halloween holiday will spend Christmas with her Catholic father, in a divorce and custody battle that came to a temporary truce Monday at Macomb County Circuit Court.

Gregory Haines of Clinton Township, and his attorney claim he hadn't seen 17-month-old daughter Jessika Haines since his estranged wife, Jennifer Haines, took the girl away on or shortly before Halloween and moved to St. Clair County. After she left, officials said, the father allegedly learned more about Mrs. Haines' practice of Wicca and became concerned for the child.

Mr. Haines filed for divorce from Jennifer Haines on Nov. 21, after she'd left him some three weeks earlier; court documents cite her practice of Wicca and allege she had the child without his consent. Mrs. Haines acknowledges being a Wiccan adherent but denies snatching or absconding with the child. Full Story

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a wiccan living with a catholic myself, this is very troublesome. I am considering and implimenting my own seperation and divorce, and I am also concerned about how my personal religious beliefs are going to impact child custody of our two toddlers. I am very strict on the fact that I don not share my bel;iefs with my kids, I want them to be old enough to understand it when I explain them to the two of them. But what choices do I have? He never goes to church, but can use my "demon Worshipoer" beliefs (aint that a hoot?) to yank my kids aWAY? How is that fior justice? Is there anyone who can help me out?

1:32 PM  

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