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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas For Pagans

Christmas spirit is in the air, but just exactly how should Pagans and other non-Christians celebrate the season – if at all?

Brought up a Congregationalist, I came into adulthood firmly and irretrievably committed to a secular belief system. For me, a religion that required the acceptance of superstition and miracles was one I could never accept as my own.

But should my refusal to accept the virgin birth and Jesus’ divinity preclude me from celebrating the Christmas season? After all, can’t non-Christians feel charitable, and be filled with joy, hope and good will toward all men?

No, Christmas isn’t just for Christians. It’s a holiday and time of year that has been celebrated and shared by many religions. Indeed, the truth is that while many self-described Christians would seek to make the holiday theirs alone, all the customs of Christmas pre-date the birth of Jesus Christ. Full Story

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