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Monday, November 06, 2006

Witch Way? Rival Shops Compete

Botanica Mama Roots is as tiny as hell's icebox and as crowded as heaven's waiting room. The Normal Heights shop overflows with herbs, charms, spells, relics and votive candles.

“Chango Macho,” a red candle, promises good luck, money, power and love.

“Contra La Ley,” white, prevents awkward encounters with law enforcement.

Then there's “Destructora,” a black candle that threatens to “Open the Doors to Hell.” Etched into the glass candleholder are nine spaces and an invitation to mayhem: “Evil to Those So Named.”

“Destructora” and its sinister ilk anger Kyle Leite. “I do not participate in doom, do not participate in curses,” said Leite, owner of Superstitious: The San Diego Witch Shop.

Mama Roots and Superstitious are neighbors but not friends. Full Story

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