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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wicca Follows Cycles Of Natural World

Low, 42, was raised Christian in the United Church in Hamilton, Ontario, but "came home to the craft" about 15 years ago, following the teachings of English occultist Gerald Gardner, who founded and wrote about modern Wicca in the 1950s. After years of interest, Low was accepted into a coven and studied under High Priestess Lady Mae.

"Wicca is a religion based on the cycles of the natural world," she told the Peak in an interview at her Westview home. This makes the four seasons and cycles of the moon instrumental in understanding the religion. "The sun is the symbol of the god and the moon is the symbol of the goddess," she said. "All living creatures are manifestations of the divine."

Low said there are two parts to witchcraft: The religion and the craft. Full Story

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