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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let's See, What's A Good Symbol For Intolerance?

An overzealous homeowners association president, abetted by Media Gone Wild, gave us the Christmas season's first brouhaha over what is an acceptable holiday display. But then, thankfully, the issue was crushed under the weight of its 15 minutes of fame.

The local story goes national and as Kearns notes, "It's really gotten out of control." Calling the peace symbol a symbol of Satan might have contributed to that. That and the irony of a Christmas disagreement over "Peace on Earth." Good thing a homeless, pregnant couple wasn't seeking shelter in a Loma Linda garage. (Hey, heavy-handedness begets heavy-handedness.)

By Monday, the association withdraws its threat of fines and wreath removal and apologizes to the couple, who have received hundreds of calls of support and offers to pay the fine. The blessed end to nonsense.

Speaking of symbolic nonsense, the federal government has for years denied Wiccan veterans the right to have the symbol of their religion placed on their grave markers. Full Story

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