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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Witch Leads Her To Reflect ...

After decades wearing the title "Official Witch of Salem," Laurie Cabot has now decided to sit down and write her memoirs. She’s 74, after all.

With the help of a collaborator, this will be her fifth book, one that will be all about living life as the woman in black.

The diva of the dark can be found these days in a small pink room in the back of her Pickering Wharf shop, The Cat, The Crow and the Crown, where for $200 a half hour, (a price an employee quoted us) she tunes into her "alpha phase" to perform psychic readings.

She still wears the Sally Jesse Raphael glasses (in black, of course) with the arching coal-colored eye shadow. Cabot says she has loved makeup since she was a little girl.

She takes leave of her post behind a small desk and beneath a crystal chandelier to enter the shop, where a young overweight woman waiting in the doorway stage whispers " there she is." Full Story

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