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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pagan Movement Steps In To Help India’s Witches

Followers of a global pagan withcraft movement plan to introduce their beliefs in India to curb the persecution and killing of hundreds of witches every year.

Witchcraft has been practiced by women in rural, isolated communities in India for centuries but in recent years witches have become ostracized. Many have even been murdered by neighbors or family who blame them for doing the work of evil spirits.

In the past five years, police say they have reports of more than 700 women being killed as witches or witch doctors in eastern India alone. But the real figure could be many times higher, they say.

Now, followers of the Wicca faith from the United States, Britain and India plan to introduce their religion in the eastern city of Kolkata to promote awareness of withcraft and provide support for harassed witches. Full Story

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