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Monday, October 02, 2006

'Pagan Day' Event Draws Just A Few Complaints

Sept. 9 wasn't your typical day at Bishop Park.

While children came to play as usual, walkers strolled along the riverside and freighter watchers assumed their posts, there was another group in the park that might have seemed a bit out of place to some of the regulars.

The Federation of Circles and Solitaries and the Magical Education Council co-sponsored the 2006 Metro-Detroit Pagan Pride Day. The event was highlighted by a pagan harvest ceremony, as well as various workshops and seminars geared toward religious tolerance.

Although city officials said they received few complaints about the event, three residents expressed their displeasure to the City Council at Monday's meeting.

Pamela Montelaro called it "a very sad day for our city." She said pagans have beliefs far removed from the Judeo-Christian beliefs of most Americans. Full Story

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmph. Since when did we as Pagans lose our status as citizens? And since when did we become comparable to Osama bin Laden? Geez people, get a clue and come out of your little bubble.

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Simple Magick said...

For real! I think it's exactly what you said, a bubble. They've insulated themselves in this made-up world that they think is "right". It they'd pull their heads out of the sand and look around, they'd see that other people exist as well.

4:44 PM  

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