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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ghost Pets? That's The Spirit!

The Celts believed that now is the time when the veil between the spirit and physical worlds is the thinnest. It's a notion that inspired our modern celebration of Halloween, though I'm not sure what the Druids would have made of fiber-optic pumpkins.

Joshua P. Warren notes that while October is "like Christmastime for paranormal investigators" like himself, metaphysical peekaboo happens year round. And his book, "Pet Ghosts: Animal Encounters From Beyond the Grave" (New Page, $14.99), suggests that humans haven't cornered the market on apparitions.

Warren says the impetus for his book was his Dachshund Nellie, who departed this mortal coil in 2002 but left behind some high-pitched whimpers. Full Story

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really the best time of year. I think this was the time of year that the Celts also made final rades, to aquire bounty from the last harvest of the year. A goodtime to pillage aparently...

I know of biblical text that proves Jesus was born around the end of October :) Mabe even on all hallows eve.

Do you have any good spells or ideas for attracting apparitions.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Simple Magick said...

There's a really good traditional method for attracting spirits and garnering their blessings at Halloween: At Halloween, gifts of milk and barley are left out beneath the stars to summon ghosts, acquire their blessings, and prevent them from harming your household. Simple and effective!

4:37 PM  

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