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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Every 'Witch' Way

It took some time — and a lot of soul-searching — before Ray Roberge came to the conclusion that he was a witch.

"There was this girl that I really liked and we were talking about religion and I told her that in my experience, there was something in the way because I could only talk to God through a priest," says Roberge, 31, recalling the personal spiritual journey he made many years ago. "And I also felt it was lopsided because there was no feminine element."

When his friend revealed that she and her family were witches, Roberge says he "made fun of her for a good couple of hours."

Encouraged by her to learn more about the faith, Roberge did some exploring which exposed many misconceptions — and his own prejudices — regarding witchcraft.

"I learned that it's a peaceful religion ... it's not some kooky, strange thing. But it took me a couple of years before I could actually say, `I am a witch.'" Full Story

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