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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wiccans, Others Celebrate Pagan Pride

Gretchen Faulk is, as she says, "not in the broom closet." This is a bit of pagan irony about witch stereotyping, but it's also the truth. Unlike some people who are witches, Faulk isn't afraid to be public about her beliefs.

Faulk is a Wiccan and founder of The Order of Our Lady of Salt, one of three Wiccan churches that participated in the fifth annual Pagan Pride Festival on Saturday at Murray Park. The festival drew Wiccans, druids, pre-Viking Asatrus and other groups that fall under the umbrella of pagan.

Paganism, explained Aisling DreamRange, includes "people who practice earth-centered spirituality and people who practice non-soteriological religions" — in other words, those that don't believe humanity is in need of salvation or a savior. Pagans don't believe people need "third parties" to intercede with gods, added DreamRange, regional coordinator of Pagan Pride. Full Story

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