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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pagans Not Hiding Anymore

Pagans are ready to show their pride and dispel the lingering misunderstandings surrounding their faith.

Hundreds of local followers of the often-misunderstood religion gathered for the fourth annual Pagan Pride festival in Gage Park. They soaked up offerings from hundreds of vendors, speakers and workshops offering everything from Angelic Guided Meditation and Chakra Balancing to airbrushed tattoos.

Some came dressed in velvet capes and others in corsets.

But many just wore jeans, content to channel their energy into celebrating pre-Christian traditions and honoring their inner goddesses. Full Story

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, this is getting recognized. So many pagans still adhere to practicing in secret, a mantra developed from years of fear and persecution. It is absolutely wonderful to see more people sharing my belief, who no longer feel the need to hide their faith from the closed minds around them.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Simple Magick said...

The only cure for fear is knowledge! : )

4:49 PM  

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