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Monday, September 11, 2006

Divine Magic Of Brazil Established In Santa Cruz

Rozi Frye carefully places different colored candles in the mandala, a chalk sketch of what looks like a kite, drawn in preparation for a Divine Magic healing ceremony, also called a "curativa." In the small rectangular room above an art gallery, the white walls are decorated by 10 of Frye's original paintings of orixas, deities worshipped in the Afro-Brazilian religion Umbanda.

"Divine Magic works with the Thrones of God, which are the deities," Rozi explained in Portuguese. Her husband, Chris Frye, who is a Sentinel pressman, translated for her. "Each orixa has its own attribution characteristics."

Though Umbanda and Divine Magic both worship 14 orixas deities and overlap in certain areas, they are separate from each other.

Rozi, considered a priestess and magus of Umbanda, is trained in and practices Divine Magic. She invoked an orixa that works on the emotional plane that day, Frye said. Full Story

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