Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Witch Hunts Still Alive in Kenya

The verdict was swift and the sentence brutal. The Kangaroo court decided that the elderly woman was guilty of bewitching her neighbors. She was to die!

In another incident, a man suspected to have been a witch was stoned to death and police have been accused of reluctance to pursue the killers.

A senior police officer said: "Understand this region, when you see these villagers finishing a suspected witch's life, they know what they are doing. They may be right because the person they have killed is not a stranger from planet Mars but one of them."

Bishop Charles Kababu of the Gospel Confirmation Centre says witchcraft has been part of the human race and can be traced to the biblical days.

"Jesus fought witchcraft in form of evil spirits in the New Testament, Moses was confronted with witchcraft in the Old Testament, they (witches) are there and it is the duty of Christians to fight them at all cost," said the preacher.

He says the practice is widespread and is competing with religion. Full Story

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