Thursday, August 10, 2006

Meet The Modern Psychic

When Sarah Moore first visited San Luis Obispo psychic Susette Smith, she admits she expected someone exotic — a turban-wearing palm-reader or a Stevie Nicks look-alike with long hair, flowing robes and hands heavy with silver rings.

"I was expecting crystal balls and tarot cards and all that stuff," said Moore, 25, who heard about Smith via a co-worker. "It blew my mind that she was so normal."

Smith, who offers what she calls "intuitive guidance" to some 200 clients, doesn’t fit the traditional image of a psychic-medium. She’s an apple-cheeked brunette who laughs easily and greets visitors in a contemporary living room devoid of mystic touches except for candles and a few Buddha statuettes.

"That’s the new breed of this profession," Smith said. "It’s really good to see normal people doing this work without all the theater." Full Story

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