Friday, August 25, 2006

Help Comes From Unlikely Source

Last week, I wrote about Ana Ramirez and her daughter Jennifer, who hoped to attend classes together at ASU Polytechnic when school started Monday.

Mother and daughter had attended Mesa Community College, had roughly the same number of credits and outstanding grade point averages. But there was a problem: They were short of the money they needed by about $1,000.

Yet, sure enough, the day after my column on the Ramirezes appeared in the paper, SuSu Levy called. She said she had just received a dividend check in the mail in the amount of $975, money she had not expected and didn’t particularly need. She felt that reading the column at about the same time she got the money was a spiritual sign.

Levy identified herself as a member of the Southwest Witches Against Animal Abuse. She assured me that she was a “good witch,’’ which greatly reduces my stress in writing this column. I don’t want to be turned into a newt, after all. Full Story

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