Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Golden Middle-Class Goddesses

The High Priestess of Avalon is robed in gold, her cheeks are spangled and there is a yellow heart hanging from her neck. "These are the colors of the grain and the harvest," she tells me, "although they are quite hard to wear, as we discovered when we went shopping after deciding they should be the colors of the conference. You can't find gold stuff anywhere!"

She gives a cackle that is more Pauline Fowler than Queen Guinevere.

We are in Glastonbury, the Somerset mecca for psychics, faith healers, mystics, druids and the spiritually challenged. I am here to attend the annual Goddess Conference.

Usually a specialized affair, this year it has been inundated with visitors, who have converged on the small town after reading about Goddess worship in Dan Brown's blockbuster The Da Vinci Code. Some have even flown halfway round the world specially for this five-day extravaganza. Full Story

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