Monday, August 21, 2006

Denied Justice, Trees Will Someday Have Bite To Equal Bark

The news among our leafier, more bark-laden friends is bad today. A New York judge has declared them to be second-class flora, and one can only imagine the outrage among the botany community.

New York State judge Herman Cahn ruled Tuesday that the Yankees could break ground on Yankee Stadium Part Deux, which of course they did. In doing so, Cahn ruled that a lawsuit filed by local environmentalists and neighborhood groups carried insufficient weight because ... "Trees themselves have no legal protections."

Which is technically true. Trees clearly are not covered in any lawbooks or civil liberties texts as having standing to do much of anything except photosynthesize. Thus, let the excavators roll.

The trees, of course, are in high dudgeon about this ruling, because they always believed in the legal concepts of "We were here first," "We've never done anyone any harm," and of course, "Wait a minute. This is for STEINBRENNER?" Full Story

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Anonymous Starfire said...

Interestingly, here in New Zealand trees are sort of in the same boat as buildings. In general, they have no legal protection, but specific trees can be legally 'protected' (not just specific species of trees, but actual individual trees).

I'm not quite sure exactly how one goes about applying for protected status for a tree, but it can't be too difficult, because there seem to be a fair number of them around.

I kind of like living in a society that that works that way too!



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