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Thursday, April 13, 2006

When Sweden's Witches Come Out To Play

Brightly colored feathers in blues, reds, yellows and glaring pinks tied to long willowy twigs sold beside daffodil buds tip off the arrival of the Easter season in Sweden. The local supermarkets in their weekly adverts also exploit the food associations of chicks, lamb, paskmust, eggs, sweets and the obligatory “paskkaring” or Easter witch to draw in customers gearing up for the upcoming gluttony of Paskafton.

Easter celebrations and traditions for the secular Swede are nearly as sacred as Christmas to the Swedish culture. Even devout atheists pay respect to the long-standing traditional norms that the holiday dictates in Sweden. Easter is a big deal to the entire country.

Children dressed as witches give a clear indication that Swedish Pask origins predate Christianity. Full Story

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