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Friday, April 07, 2006

Talking Tarot

In high school, Alysse Doane, McClouth sophomore, started planning her week with tarot cards. Every Sunday afternoon, sitting cross-legged in her room, Doane would shuffle and cut her deck of cards. Selecting five cards by their “vibrations,” Doane would eagerly flip them over to see what her week had in store.

For Doane, tarot card reading is less a practice of psychic powers and more a form of entertainment and family tradition. Tracing a tradition of Tarot readings as far back as her great-grandmother, Doane and her family have turned regularly to the cards for fun and direction.

“It’s more for guidance than fortune telling,” Doane says.

The ancient art of tarot — interpreting 72 cards depicting vices, virtues and other vital forces — is shrouded in misconceptions. Blaming religion and television, psychics deny rumors of witchcraft, scam artists and the idea of a fixed destiny. Instead, these specialists claim Tarot is about counseling and personal progress. But because this card-related custom is so diversified and personalized, its true purpose and powers ultimately are left to the individual to decide. Full Story

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