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Monday, April 24, 2006

Llewellyn Goes Political After School Board Decision

The Brunswick County Board of Education may have acted on faith earlier this month by moving forward with a policy to allow religious groups to hand out scripture to high school students.

But leaders of two politically active civil rights groups believe the board has committed something akin to legal blasphemy.

In the draft policy approved earlier this month, the school board must allow all faiths into high schools, “with the exception of those works which defame other religious faiths.”

Llewellyn Worldwide, a company that publishes New Age books on metaphysical studies, mysticism, witchcraft, astrology, paganism and Wicca, among others, is ready to hold board members to their word.

Steven Pomije, a publicist for Llewellyn, recently sent a letter to Milligan requesting the school board consider allowing free distribution of the company’s books to students. Pomije also offered to arrange for pagan organizations in the state to visit county high schools.

In an e-mail interview, Pomije said as a rule Llewellyn only distributes books at trade shows and festivals. But after reading about the Brunswick County school board’s discussion of allowing religion in schools on, a leading pagan website, Pomije took another route. Full Story

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