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Friday, April 28, 2006

Beltane Keynote Speaker Urges Pagan Revival

Oberlin campus heard calls on Sunday night for resistance towards the infiltration of the United States government by a new neo-conservative Christian movement. This time, however, it was from Sam Webster, a Pagan priest and keynote speaker for last weekend’s Beltane conference.

In his lecture “Pagan Restoration,” Webster called for action and solidarity among Pagans of the European tradition to organize and defend their spirituality from being swallowed by the Christian onslaught.

In his second visit to campus — he expounded a year ago on the main ideas espoused by Paganism as it has manifested in the United States — Webster warned of the disappearance of Pagan thought, spirituality and ritual, including Beltane, the Pagan “Bright Fire” festival that was held Saturday afternoon in Tappan Square. He then gave strategies for its revival and global restoration. Full Story

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