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Monday, April 10, 2006

Being Goth Rarely Equates To Evil

The goth subculture is filled with many stereotypes. Some of them, such as wearing black clothes and listening to certain genres of music, are relatively harmless and for the most part, true.

It's the other stereotypes, such as a penchant for violence and an affinity for Satanism, that often bring the goth world scrutiny.

The three Winslow Township High School students who authorities said planned to systematically execute classmates and teachers during a lunch period have been described by their peers as goths. According to classmates at Winslow, the three fit the usual stereotypes -- they wore long, black trench coats and makeup, and had chains dangling from their pants. They had multiple piercings and often dyed their hair in a variety of colors.

The group's alleged ringleader is, in his own words, a "gothic teenager." Full Story

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