Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shamanism, Oldest Healing Tradition In The World

Few cultures in the world lack an indigenous tradition of faith healers. While in broad outline Nepalese shamanism has been influenced by Tibetan and Indian traditions, a great variety of local Himalayan forms have evolved, corresponding to the diverse ethnic groups in the country. These practitioners are more commonly known as “Jhankri” and “Dhami.” The term shaman is of Siberian origin, encompassing a tremendous variety of forms. Shamanism is a spiritual practice of ancient civilizations and cultures and is the oldest healing tradition in the world.

A shaman is a man (or, less commonly a woman) who mediates between this world and the supernatural realm of ghosts, demons, witches, ancestors, and the like. The shaman’s task is to restore the proper relationship between the two worlds when it has been upset, usually garbed in a long robe and a headdress of peacock feathers protected by straps or bells, ironmongery, and cowries and armed with a flat, double-sided frame drum. Full Story

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