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Thursday, March 16, 2006

From Baptist to Wiccan

It’s not easy being one of the only witches at Harvard, but then again, being a witch has never been easy for Quincy House resident Devon G. Castillo ’08. Converting to Wicca was challenging for Castillo, who was raised by conservative Southern Baptist grandparents.

Castillo, who always felt slightly out of place in church, disagreed with parts of the Christian faith and turned to Wicca, a neo-pagan, earth-centered religion.

“It was sort of wild [when I converted].” Castillo says. “My grandmother thought I was possessed.”

Conversion was difficult, but Castillo says it no longer divides him from his family. “At the same time though, I wouldn’t be like, ‘Hey grandma, wanna come to my full moon ritual?” he says. Full Story

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