Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Department Store Discriminates Against Wiccans

It may not have the impact of a tussle over displaying the Ten Commandments in a courthouse, or teaching evolution in public schools.

But the five people behind a table in a small Kent County conference room last week say they also are the victims of religious discrimination and want the state Human Rights Commission to set things right.

Two are Christians, two are self-described Wiccans and the fifth is a pagan. They contend that the Boscov's department store bowed to pressure from church leaders and illegally dropped classes they planned to teach at the store's Campus of Courses event last fall.

They claim they were told by Sybil Harvey, the local store's public relations manager, that the classes were canceled because the Rev. William Jeffcoat, pastor of Capitol Baptist Church in Dover, objected and threatened a boycott if they were not dropped. Full Story

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