Monday, January 23, 2006

Avalon Moon Reflects Owner's Taste And Beliefs

It is not by chance that Avalon Moon feels as much like a sanctuary as a shop or that its proprietress, Hazel Dunlin, looks as if she were plucked from central casting to stand behind the counter of this atmospheric space.

With her long tresses, flowing shawl and large green eyes, Dunlin's person and presence set the mood for her first shop, an "enchanted emporium" of lovely and intriguing objects that include pendants, charms, essential oils and off-beat books, such as The Witch's Spell a Day Almanac for 2006.

Located in a carefully renovated 19th-century building on Main Street in Delhi, Avalon Moon is not only an expression of not only Dunlin's taste, but also an extension of her worldview. Dunlin is a practitioner of Wicca or witchcraft, a pagan, or pre-Christian, earth-based religion that honors nature and animals. Dunlin said she likes her husband, Chris Harper's, definition of a pagan: "a naturalist who takes nature to a spiritual level." Full Story

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