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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pagans Prepare For Solstice

Sea salt mounded on a pewter plate. Milk and honey sipped from a communal cup. A sword raised high into the air, invoking the wisdom of the sea, land, sky and fire. These are symbols and rituals that Cynthia Jane Collins and other members of the Silver Cauldron Coven will use to celebrate the winter solstice in the coming weeks.

As Christians and others look forward to the celebration of Christmas, Mainers who describe themselves as pagans prepare to mark the shortest day of the year and the anticipated "return of the light" as days grow longer.

"When the sun returns after the shortest day, we see hope for life," said Collins. "It's a time for us to reconnect and look ahead, as it is for many faiths."

Later this month, Collins and her husband, Harry Spirito, will host several public and private solstice celebrations at their High Street home in Saco, or what they call their "covenstead." Full Story

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